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JS EPIC Ligature

It's all about innovation!  It all started from just one question, "how can I come up with a ring type ligature that can be tightened while maintaining the position where I want the ligature placed?".  Here is the outcome.  This innovative ligature design lets you to rotate and tight the ligature at your preferred ligature position.  


It comes with a variety of sizes.  AHM (alto hardrubber medium) will fit on most of regular sized hardrubber alto sax mouthpiece and THM (tenor hardrubber medium) will fit on tenor hardrubber mpcs.  If it's too loose or tight, don't worry.  We will take a one-time return to get you the right size.  If you often use different size mpcs or different reeds (thin or thick), we strongly recommend you to buy the EPC ligature pack which comes with 3 different sizes.  For a limited time, we will supply a matching mpc cap with your ligature purchase.  


Here is how you use the ligature. 


1.  Find a dot on the ligature and place the wedge section on the left side of the reed. 


2. Rotate the dot to find a perfect tightness from somewhere between 8 and 11 O'clock. 


3. Play!


This innovative ligature is patent pending.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this ligature.