JS Custom Saxophone

Since our first day in business, JS Custom has been offering saxophone players around the world the best selection of handcrafted saxophone mouthpieces at reasonable prices. Great playing saxophone mouthpieces do not need to come with a hefty price tag.  Each mouthpiece is carefully hand finished to make sure it plays at its optimum capability. JS Custom Saxophone also provides a variety of refacing services. 

Handcrafted Mouthpieces

JS Custom Mouthpiece
Alto Mouthpiece 
Tenor Mouthpiece $225

Refacing Services

Standard Refacing
Hard Rubber/Plastic $90

JS EPIC Ligatures

Unique Custom Design
Standard Sizes 
Custom Fitted

Gustavo Musso

Saxophonist Gustavo Musso plays JS Custom LA alto mouthpiece.

Dan Burke

Saxophonist Dan Burke plays JS Custom "The Tenor" saxophone mouthpiece.