JS Custom

JS Custom Saxophone 

Hand-Crafted Mouthpieces and Refacing Service

JS Custom mouthpieces are of very high quality in both the materials used and the level of craftsmanship. The one specifically custom made for me is extremely responsive and capable of a wide range of dynamics. Perhaps most important is that JS Custom Saxophone is conscious of tone and has a genuine idea of how a saxophone should sound.

Bob Mover

I have a JS Custom soprano mouthpiece that has some remarkable qualities. I love the feel and the tone- it is very steady from low Bb into the high register- the top notes really speak unusually sweet and clear! I can also get the rich overtones and harmonics I love. It is a great addition to my limited collection. The turnaround for custom work was also timely, with good communication.

Shoehorn Conley

I can say that my sound was significantly enhanced by his refacing work and knowledges of saxophones.  The JS Custom has really a good balance and powerful projection with a reasonable price tag for a handcrafted mouthpiece. As a jazz alto saxophone player, it is great news that I was able to consider different brands other than Meyer or Vandoren as a proficient mouthpiece.

YJ Shin (UNT Jazz)

"I have been using a JS Custom LA 6* for the past few months and for me it’s the only piece that ticks all the boxes. Believe me I’ve tried dozen of alto pieces (vintage, boutique, high end, new designs, every “NY” piece out there from top guys, you name it), all decent pieces I toured and recorded with but there was a always a compromise. Sometimes it’s the material, projection, sound, comfort, versatility, etc. That’s NOT the case with the LA. Let alone price, material and attention to detail. Kudos to JS Custom!"

David Cantoni